w małym dworku/stage design, installation, video

The set design of „In a Small Manor” is a collaboration with old materials, objects that have been abandoned and spent years in storage. Now on stage they become actors, take over the space, recreate a Polish nobleman’s manor, but do not accept human control over it. Their condition does not allow people to use them comfortably. Every day they change, they shed parts. I am incredibly fascinated by the world they create on stage, the tensions between them, what they have to tell. They have their own time, have lived for a long time and will live long after the show is taken down.

In wading through the wreckage of the end of the world, digging into what is monstrous, dark and repulsive, we find new and fascinating stories. The show is a great space for this, and I’m particularly interested in Jan Marek’s approach to creating theater that happens on stage, also he’s not interested in giving human beings a privileged subjective position, and he and I have been talking for five months about non-human actors and thinking about how to give them space on stage.

Theatre in Gniezno, 2023