stolen solar lights

„Who recognises these women who were filmed stealing my solar lights? I kindly ask for any information or to contact the Eggenberg Police.”

video, 9:16min

Our starting point was a notice posted on a pole about stolen garden lights and a request to report suspects to the police. Also important to us was a ‚luxury candle tour’ held at a nearby castle. Involving neighbours suspected of theft, we organised a guided tour with the ‚stolen’ lights to illuminate buildings, gardens that we treated as members of the commu- nity. The performance began with a video about the missing lamps and a song by Wojciech Kosma, who sang about tenderness and the police.
Exploring the structures, the ways of doing things in the city of Graz, we wanted to play with them, to take human and non-human actors seriously, to question the power of the police in the city and the community of neighbours. Co-authors: Martina Kartello, Wojciech Kosma (music)