Rozkosz was the first song that I made and a kind of gateway through which the whole album materialized. I imagined a cave would be an incredible visual companion to it, what better metaphor for a beginning? The shoot was a trip. Getting all the permits, navigating the pandemic, and even driving up the snowy mountain which houses Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia, where we filmed, was arduous. But it felt good to be fighting for this: to get to this underground beauty. Ten minutes into our pre-filming impromptu tour Marcin, our lovely guide, told us that it takes a decade for a stalactite to grow a millimeter and I still think about it. We were there just for a blink of a blink of the cave’s time and it was eerily comforting. Being there, standing still, listening, dancing, everything there felt profound but also familiar. Motherly. Religious. The church of water that water created for itself.

Special thanks to Marcin Kuziel and the management of Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia.

camera & editing: Ewelina Węgiel performers: Monika Błaszczak, Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo color grade: Igor Kawecki produced by spalarnia & Ewelina Węgiel co-produced by Galerie Molitor, Berlin supported by Fundusz Wspierania Twórczości ZAiKS music & lyrics: spalarnia mix: James Whipple mastering: Rafał Smoleń